About us

    We are a group of people who follow the on-going global changes and developments in all areas. While benefiting from the knowledge and experience in various specialisations and our passion for the construction industry, we transform the conventional building engineering. We use science and the laws of physics to contradict the theories which have prevailed so far and we create new trends in the construction sector.  By following the pace of the global development, we work on new solutions and possibilities to build houses.  We do not let the housebuilding process continue to be as it used to be several decades ago. We undertake to make progress in this field because most of us pursue a goal of having our place on the earth with a roof above our heads. For the past centuries and for the centuries yet to come, people have striven and will be striving towards having a place to live for themselves and their families.  It has been an inherent part of life for each one of us. We do our best to make this process easier. Our goal is to solve one of the greatest problems people cope with. We have already started developing solutions of the future, going ahead of the current fashion and style and adapting ourselves to the trends which are to come in the decades ahead. The current research results tell us that, in the future, the ability to be virtually present in many places at the same time will make people spend much more time staying physically in their households. Our task is to deliver solutions which will make people feel absolutely comfortable and safe. We do this by giving you a house of the future  which, equipped with adequate technologies, cooperates with its residents. The smart systems make it think for you, creating the best possible living conditions. Everything we do is always environment-friendly to make the world exist as long as possible.  Reducing the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is one of the key responsibilities we have to implement in our daily life.  Therefore it is so important for us to build passive and energy-efficient houses. Using the M3 System technology allows you to erect a building with incredible insulation and tightness parameters and, as a result, minimum energy expenditures. The today’s world makes us possess more and more money. We present the way to save money in a unnoticeable way so that each of us can use our money for the goals and pleasures we value most. The houses of the future are the passive and energy-efficient houses.



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