M3 System was established in 2008. The purpose of the company was to revolutionise the sector of energy efficient and passive housebuilding to make the houses available for everyone. We have achieved the company’s goal by following our architects’ and designers’ innovative ideas.  The M3 System technology makes it possible to construct buildings with minimised insulation and tightness performance parameters while keeping the construction costs at the level of a traditional house built with the do-it yourself method. Having chosen our technology, the Developer does not have to worry about the construction process and after three months gets a house which brings savings of several thousand zlotys per year when run on a normal basis.

History through numbers

2009 – we have constructed a prototype of a building in the M3SYSTEM (M3S) technology – an office building for our own needs

2010 – beginning of cooperation with the development company WAWEL-SERVICE based in Krakow and completion of the first commercial project 

 (a kindergarten in Niepołomice)

2011 VIESSMANN becomes a Strategic Partner

2012 BASF becomes a Strategic Partner

2012 – the first two-storey building in the M3S technology is built

2012 –Wawel-Service begins the construction of the first singly family housing complex in the M3S technology in Michałowice

2013 – inauguration of the NATIONAL ENERGY-EFFICIENT BUILDING PROGRAM „HOUSE FOR EVERYONE www.domdlakazdego.info and establishing cooperation with the leading construction companies (Supporting Partners) in Poland

2013 – participation in the project „HOUSE OF DREAMS” (financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, or NFOŚiGW) promoting the energy-efficient construction technology www.eko-budowanie.pl

2013 – the M3SYSTEM becomes a winner of the 4th edition of the GREENEVO competition organised by the Ministry of Environment

2013 – participation in the GREENEVO trade missions to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam and the United Kingdom

2013 – completion of a project under the GO GLOBAL competition organised by NCBiR:  “Strategy adapted to introduce the unique and energy-efficient M3SYSTEM construction technology into the American market”

2013 – construction of the first M3S building in Ireland

2014construction of the first commercial building  (Museum “Korona Ziemi” in Zawoja www.centrumgorskie.pl ) based on the M3SYSTEM module with the interior 9,5m spacing between walls

2014 – construction of the first M3SYSTEM house on water (Port Czerniakowski in Warsaw) www.domynawodzie.eu

2014 – participation in the GREENEVO trade missions to the following countries: Australia, Mexico, Morocco and U.S.A.

2015 – construction of the first M3S building in Portugal

2015 – participation in the GREENEVO trade missions to the following countries: Australia, India, Israel, New Zealand, Oman, Papua New Guinea and Italy (EXPO 2015)

2015 – „House for Everyone” wins in the nation-wide Polish ranking of development projects otodom.pl – http://ranking.otodom.pl/wyniki

2016 – Innovator of the Małopolska region in the category: sustainable energy winner: M3SYSTEM Sp. z o.o. (micro) for the construction technology in which the load-bearing structure and also the thermal insulation of the building walls is made of foamed polystyrene (EPS) in the form of monoblocks.

2016 – more than  100 single family houses completed all over Poland

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