Classic single-storey house

   Single-storey buildings have many advantages. If you decide to build a house for your entire life, it is worth considering such a solution. When you bring up little children, you do not have to be concerned about the possibility of falling down the stairs. The easy access to the second storey windows also entails some risk. One of the advantages of single-storey houses is that they offer a possibility to design a private zone nearby the daily zone which makes it easier to take care of the youngest. There are no steps or rooms on different levels, which is an advantage if you get old or carry an injury which limits your ability to move freely. The single-storey houses can be more easily integrated with a garden, e.g. by using terrace windows in some or all rooms. The M3 System technology allows you to rearrange the partition walls inside the building in a simple and quick way at any moment since none of them is a load-bearing wall. Our system also allows you to expand the house by adding other modules and expand its floor area. It is an ideal solution for young parents who plan to expand their family in the future.

  The Classic models constitute the basic range of houses made in the M3 System technology. They have been designed to generate the lowest possible house construction and running costs for the Developers. You can select one of several types of façades which allow you to finish the exterior appearance in an economic way. The designs are developed in compliance with the requirements set for energy efficient buildings and, combined with our sandwich walls, ensure very low heating costs. You can modify the appearance of the building by using finishing elements which are available at an additional charge.

up to 100 m²

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up to 150 m²

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up to 300 m²

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