Classic two-storey house

   When building a house on a plot surrounded by high buildings, consider a two-storey building. It is also a perfect solution if you want a larger floor area in the house but you are limited by the plot size. The two-storey house can also be a better solution for financial reasons. Small plot means a lower cost of land and when the plot is large, you can divide it in the future and sell a part of it or give it to your children so that they can build a house next to their parents. The two-storey building has another advantage – full height rooms, which means that you can use the entire floor area on both storeys. The façade windows allow you to enjoy an excellent view on the garden, contrary to the roof windows used in residential attics. Another advantage of the two-storey house is that you can rearrange it into two separate apartments at any time. It will also be useful when an adult child of the hosts decides to stay in the family house with his/her spouse and children.

   The Classic models constitute the basic range of houses made in the M3 System technology. They have been designed to generate the lowest possible house construction and running costs for the Developers. You can select one of several types of façades which allow you to finish the exterior appearance in an economic way. The designs are developed in compliance with the requirements set for energy efficient buildings and, combined with our sandwich walls, ensure very low heating costs. You can modify the appearance of the building by using finishing elements which are available at an additional charge.

up to 100 m²

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up to 150 m²

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up to 300 m²

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