Terraced houses

   The terraced housing system is a great proposal for developers and groups of developers who want to build houses of their dreams in a faster and cheaper way than building several standalone buildings. In contrast to other technologies, our construction system allows you to arrange partition walls differently in every house and tailor them to the separate needs of every family. These houses, popularly known as „row houses”, have an advantage of sharing common features both with apartments and with standalone houses. So this is a good alternative solution for people who want to live in their own house but do not want to live in a complete isolation. You will feel more secure when closely surrounded by neighbours. It also makes the house running costs lower since some running costs are shared by all residents. We offer special terms of cooperation to companies who decide to take advantage of our offer. Prices are negotiable and the offer can be tailored to the developer’s expectations when a larger number of designs is ordered.

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